Glasses or Lenses? Choosing the Right One for You

Having blurry vision can be a bummer as it can affect your lifestyle, which is why eye care technology has given birth to glasses and contact lenses. But between these two, which should you choose? Well, choosing between these two eye care options will mainly depend on the individual’s preference and convenience. Eyeglasses and contact lenses each have their own pros and cons, and it’s up to you to weigh things out.

Contact Lenses – Your 360-Degree Eye Fix! 

Contact lenses have a lot of advantages over eyeglasses, making them an instant hit to individuals with vision problems. Foremost, it conforms to the normal curvature of your eye, giving you a wider and better view. Unlike eyeglasses, there are no obstructions to your peripheral vision with contact lenses.

However, contact lenses also have their fair share of disadvantages. Wearing them usually reduces the amount of oxygen that reaches the eyes, causing eyes to easily dry. Some people also find it difficult to put them on and even hurt themselves in the process. There’s also the hassle of having to clean the lenses each day to ensure safety and efficacy.

Eyeglasses – Fashion and Health Statement  

On the other hand, eyeglasses have long been used as a solution for vision problems. It has always been the convenient way of improving vision as there is no need to touch and possibly irritate your eyes just to put them on – a great choice for people with naturally dry or sensitive eyes. Plus, glasses are cheaper and do not require to be cleaned often like contact lenses.

While eyeglasses wouldn’t affect you that much, some people don’t often prefer them over contact lenses noticing that it distorts their peripheral vision and their ability to focus on objects the first time they wear them. There is also this feeling that eyeglasses cover the beauty of the face.

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