Facial Plastic Surgery: Is It for You?

Admit it: everyone wants to improve something in their face – may it be a little lift in the forehead or more pout in the lips. Whatever corners you want to enhance, we always end up with one question: am I ready for facial plastic surgery? Or, more likely, you should ask yourself: is plastic surgery right for me?

Cosmetic surgery is done to alter a part of your body to look or function the way you want them to. Although it can be corrected, there is no turning back, which is why it is important to consider certain factors first before giving it a go.

  • What are your expectations? Know that plastic surgery will not make you perfect, but will only improve your appearance. Have realistic expectations or you will just be disappointed with the outcomes.
  • How financially prepared are you? Cosmetic surgery is not usually covered by most insurance plans, so best be prepared to spend a substantial amount of money.
  • Are you prepared for the risks? Of course, cosmetic procedures, especially invasive ones, pose certain risks despite the benefits. Be ready for any possibility of complications as well as in getting through the downtime.
  • Are you ready to go through the recovery phase? A cosmetic procedure may not immediately take effect as you will still undergo recovery. It make take days to even months to fully heal from the surgical wounds. Be aware of how recovery can affect your job and daily activities.

Facial Plastic Surgery in Tooele, UT

If you think you are fit and ready to undergo any facial cosmetic treatment, call us at 435-843-8333 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Griffeth. Dr. Griffeth will be able to determine your eligibility for the procedures and provide you with more information about the procedure you are interested in.

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