Do You Need Contact Lenses?

Retinal Laser SurgeryContact lenses are worn for two reasons: fashion and vision improvement. While there are some drawbacks, as long as you wear the right type of contact lenses and you know how to care for your eyes, there’s really no reason to avoid contact lenses.

Types of contact lenses

Soft contact lenses. These are made from flexible, soft materials allowing oxygen to pass through them to the cornea. Soft contact lenses are easier to adjust and are more comfortable to wear compared to hard contacts.

Rigid gas permeable lenses. Compared to soft contact lenses, these are more durable. They also provide the wearer with clearer vision by preventing the buildup of deposits that can affect clarity of the lenses.

For those who wear contact lenses for fashion, you may choose decorative lenses that are designed to enhance the wearer’s features and improve your overall look.

Benefits of contact lenses

  • Contact lenses are good for athletes and active individuals who don’t want eyeglasses to get in the way.
  • Wearing contact lenses does not affect your style.
  • Contact lenses follow the natural curvature of the eyes, thereby reducing any obstruction in vision that is often experienced by people wearing eyeglasses.
  • When the temperature changes, they do not fog up the way glasses do.
  • Contact lenses come in different colors and shades, and patients can choose which color best suits their features.

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