A Diabetic’s Guide to Eye Care

shutterstock_60533599Diabetes can lead to various other conditions, especially when the disease is poorly controlled and mismanaged. Diabetes can even affect one’s eye health and lead to diabetic retinopathy. In worst case scenarios, it can even lead to blindness.

Diabetic patients require more care and effort in keeping their eyes healthy and away from eye problems. This gives them all the more reason to take proper precautions when it comes to eye care. Take note of the following eye care tips and maintain good vision even with diabetes.

  • Regular appointments with your eye doctor are important. Consultations are important to detect any eye problem as early as possible and treat them before they worsen.
  • Keep your blood glucose levels under control. Of course, being a diabetic would require you to keep your blood glucose levels at normal levels as much as possible. The higher they are, the greater are your chances of acquiring specific eye conditions.
  • Maintain your blood pressure levels as well. Hypertension can increase your chances of developing an eye disease just as much as diabetes. This is why it is essentially important to keep your blood pressure under control too.
  • Take control of your blood cholesterol levels.
  • Practice eating a healthy diet.
  • Regular exercise is key to everything.
  • Avoid smoking. This habit can lead to all sorts of medical conditions, including eye problems.

If you have diabetes, seek professional help immediately should you experience blurring of vision or see flashes of light. If you ever notice any black spots or experience a partial or complete loss of vision, then it is high time to give us a call.

Special Eye Care for Diabetic Patients in Tooele, UT

For more information on how to take care of your eyes and prevent eye problems because of diabetes, give us a call today at 435-843-8333 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Griffeth. We’d love to hear from you!

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