Is Your Vision Cloudy? That Could Be a Cataract

shutterstock_11269609Is your lens getting cloudy, resulting to the blurring of your vision? You could be experiencing a common eye problem known as a cataract. Many Americans over age 65 have this condition. Although it is popular, a lot of people are still left uninformed and fail to have their eyes checked and treated. Here at Griffeth Vision, Dr. Griffeth performs eye exams and provides appropriate cataract treatment including cataract surgery in Tooele.

Understanding Cataracts

Like a camera, the light rays that enter the eyes pass through the cornea, then the aqueous humor, the pupil, and lastly into the lens. When a person has a cataract, the lens becomes cloudy due to a buildup of protein in the area. When a cataract blocks the lens, light is prevented from entering clearly through the lens, causing blurry vision or even loss of vision.

Causes of Cataracts

Cataracts come in various forms. These include age-related cataracts, congenital cataracts, secondary cataracts, and traumatic cataracts. A cataract can be caused by aging, heredity, a medical condition, an injury to the eye, or certain lifestyle and environmental factors, such as cigarette smoking and heavy alcohol consumption.

Detect Cataracts as Early as Possible!

The symptoms of a cataract gradually appear. A person with a cataract may experience cloudy or foggy vision, progressive nearsightedness, changes in color perception, problems with night vision when driving, double vision, problems with day glare, and sudden changes in prescription glasses. If such symptoms are noticed, it is important to have your eyes checked by an eye doctor right away.

Don’t take your condition for granted! For more information on cataracts and to know if you have one, call us today at 435-843-8333 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Griffeth. We look forward to hearing from you!

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