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Dry EyesDry eyes may seem like a very minor problem, but it can still affect your quality of life. Who could ever live life to the fullest with redness, stinging, burning, and scratchy sensations in their eyes? The symptoms of dry eye syndrome can be pretty uncomfortable and they will impact your life.

A Look at the Numbers

Statistics suggest that millions and millions of Americans are currently suffering from dry eye syndrome. Six percent of people with dry eye syndrome are women under 50 years of age and 10 percent are 75 years old and above. Based on these numbers, the condition can affect the lives of both the young and old. Patients with dry eyes are more likely to suffer not only from the condition, but also when performing typical day-to-day activities such as reading, driving, and using a computer.

Delving to the Root Cause

Dry eye syndrome can be caused by different factors, yet it mostly occurs as a result of aging, certain autoimmune disorders like Sjogren’s syndrome, and particular eyelid infections. An inflammatory eye problem of the eyelids known as blepharitis aggravates dry eye symptoms because it produces chronic redness in the eyes and prevents the eyelids from tearing naturally. Other sufferers from dry eye syndrome can experience excessive tearing even with this condition, yet this does not alleviate the dryness of the eyes.

Don’t let dry eyes affect your quality of life. Learn more about this condition as well as how it can be treated. Call us to request a consultation.

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