Keep Macular Degeneration at Bay

Macular DegenerationThe eyes, though indispensible, are also very fragile. A single condition left untreated can lead to damages that become unresolvable. That’s why with your eyes, there is no time for dilly dallying about heading to a professional like Dr. Griffeth for checkups. Macular degeneration, which could be acquired genetically or through the natural process of aging, is highly preventable.

Here are some tips to keep your eyes in good condition. For those who are already diagnosed with age-related macular degeneration, follow these guidelines to slow the progression of the disease.

  1. Smoking is a risk factor. Don’t smoke. If you do, quit.
  2. Consume dark, leafy vegetables. Eating half a cup of raw spinach three times a week can greatly improve the condition of your eyes.
  3. Patients with AMD may ask their doctors for treatments under AREDS formulations.
  4. To supplement your healthy diet, take multivitamins.
  5. Consuming fruit and nuts on a daily basis keeps your eyes bright and healthy.
  6. Exercise is key. Keep your body moving regularly and maintain a stable and healthy weight.
  7. Lower your intake of food with refined carbohydrates.
  8. Eating fish or fish oil supplements is good for your eyes.
  9. When going outdoors, make sure to wear appropriate sunglasses, particularly those that will block the damaging UV rays of the sun. Direct exposure to sunlight can greatly damage your eyes.
  10. Keep your blood pressure and cholesterol levels under control.
  11. Visit your eye doctor regularly and have regular eye exams. Early detection of eye diseases leads to early treatment and better results.

At Griffeth Vision, we have various treatments for macular degeneration, but the best treatment is not to get it, or at least to slow its progress. Call us at 435-843-8333.

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