Should You Get Glasses or Contacts?

There’s no use denying it anymore. Your eyes just don’t work well enough on their own. No matter your prescription, the doctor has told you you need eye glasses, and secretly you are very grateful. You’re ready to be able to see clearly again. But should you choose glasses or contacts? Many people joke that glasses make you look smarter, but is thatglasses and contact lenses really the case?

The Look

Obviously, there is a difference in look between the two. If you really like your face as is or you don’t think your facial structure is meant to aesthetically support a pair of glasses, contacts might be they way to go. However, there are enough variations in styles of glasses, that look around to find something you like anyway. There are many situations where glasses over contacts will be preferred or even necessary (such as at night or in the early morning), and you will want to have a pair on hand just in case. If you like the “intelligent” look of glasses, they can become a fashion statement. Whether you like dark-rimmed “hipster” glasses or colored frames or thin, barely-there lenses, there is something for everyone.

Maintaining Your New “Eyes”

So, they’re not exactly brand new eyes, but you will still want to take care of your eye wear. Glasses and contacts are both fairly easy to maintain, but there are several differences and one might fit more easily into your routine.


Glasses hardly require any cleaning. You might need to wipe and smudge off of the lens every now and then. They do sometimes break, but for the most part, they are sturdy if you properly care for them. You might need to wipe them off more often if it’s rainy or cold outside, as the elements can fog up your glasses.


Contacts require a very specific cleaning routine every day. When you take them out, you must put them in a special solution. This helps keep your vision clear and—more importantly—prevents eye infections. If you fall asleep with your contacts in, good luck! Your eyes will probably be very red when you wake up.

Overall, contacts don’t get in the way and provide a wider range of vision. Glasses help prevent eye infections and can be a fashion statement. Whichever way you choose, you will be glad that you can see clearly again.

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